Consequences of Obesity

• If you are obese, severely obese, or morbidly obese, you may have

Major health risks

• Shorter Life Expectancy
• Compared to people of normal weight, obese people have a 50% to 100% increased risk of dying prematurely
• Obese people have more risk for

o Diabetes (type 2)
o Joint problems (e.g., arthritis)
o High blood pressure
o Heart disease
o Gallbladder problems
o Certain types of cancer (breast, uterine, colon)
o Digestive disorders (e.g., gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GORD)
o Breathing difficulties (e.g., sleep apnea, asthma)
o Psychological problems such as depression
o Problems with fertility and pregnancy
o Urinary Incontinence

Risks to psychological and social well-being

• Negative self-image
• Social isolation
• Discrimination


Difficulties with day-to-day living

• Normal tasks become harder when you are obese, as movement is more difficult
• You tend to tire more quickly and you find yourself short of breath
• Public transport seats, telephone booths, and cars may be too small for you
• You may find it difficult to maintain personal hygiene


The physician should perform a comprehensive medical evaluation—including elicitation of a comprehensive patient history, performance of a comprehensive physical examination, appropriate laboratory testing, assessment of overweight and related health risks, and a psychologicmental
status evaluation. This comprehensive evaluation helps the physician achieve the following objectives:
• Diagnose the degree of obesity
• Determine the patient’s level of health risk because of
• Identify any psychologic conditions (such as
depression, substance abuse, or sexual abuse) that must be treated along with the obesity or that maycontraindicate obesity therapy
• Identify other substantive contributing factors, such as genetic traits or neurologic disorders—for
example, Prader-Willi syndrome, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, or lipodystrophy
• Identify endocrinologic correlates—for instance,
insulin resistance or hyperandrogenism
• Determine the most appropriate weight-management strategy

Laboratory Tests

The following laboratory tests may be useful:
• Lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL-C, LDL-C, and
• Fasting blood glucose level
• Metabolic and chemistry profile (for example, liver
tests and uric acid)
• Thyroid function tests—for example, thyroidstimulating
hormone (thyrotropin)
• Urine free cortisol measures to detect hypercortisolism
in patients with signs of possible Cushing’s


Metabolic Research Center

The Metabolic Clinic and Research Center is an inclusive, multi-part weight loss center which employs specially trained experts including an internal medicine physician, bariatric physician, and certified dietitians. At our practice our outstanding team of professionals work one-on-one with each patient in order to craft them a personalized weight loss plan which is sure to provide them with the best possible results. If your weight is effecting your self-esteem, career, or personal life we can help.

Our weight loss management program combines different methods to achieve results including portion control education, motivational support, behavioral conditioning and counseling, nutrition and activity coaching, and surgical options for serious cases.

The medical weight loss program utilized by the center is a physician-directed treatment which includes private physician visits, support groups, and more.

The medical nutrition therapy program is conducted by a certified dietician who provides the skills patients need to maintain the weight loss and improve their overall health through lifestyle and dietary changes.

If you are struggling with your weight and want to join a treatment program that really works, the Metabolic Clinic and Research Center is here to help. With dedication and commitment, patients can achieve the results they’ve been dreaming of. If you’re ready for some hard work and incredible results, contact the office today to schedule a consultation with the doctor.

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Vision Statement

Metabolic Clinic & Research Center is a premier, healthcare system that strives to anticipate and respond to the lifelong needs of the residents of greater Los Angeles and beyond by providing excellent clinical care. Metabolic Clinic & Research Center is recognized for its commitment to enhancing the health of its community; providing superior services to its patients, delivering outstanding value, embracing clinical innovations; providing exceptional medical and health education; and supporting a knowledgeable, skilled and caring medical and employee staff.

On a Personal level, we strive to treat our patients, team members and resource partners with utmost honesty, integrity, and trust.  We work diligently to achieve TCPI (Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative) goals by doing our assigned jobs, and contribute to the whole process of servicing our patients and fulfilling our goals and vision.  We strive to do the best we can because we find great joy and satisfaction in being the Best Practice in the area by providing unparalleled care and service to our patients and community

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