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Weight loss can be frustrating, especially when going through it alone. With the help of Dr. Khan, a leading bariatrician, you can get the help you need. Patients in Boyle Heights and throughout greater Los Angeles visit Dr. Khan and work with him to craft a personalized diet plan so they can lose weight safely and keep it off.

Weight Loss Management Q & A

What Options for Weight Loss Management Are Available?

Weight loss management programs use a wide array of techniques and medical options to assist people with losing weight and getting healthier. The biggest part of a losing weight is going to be lifestyle changes and frequently patients will work with a meal replacement program initially. When a large amount of weight has to be lost, medications can be prescribed by the doctor to help. The doctor wants all patients to remember however, that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly are crucial to losing weight and keeping it off for the foreseeable future.

What are Pre-Packaged Meal Replacement Plans?

These options utilize meal replacement products which have been crafted to be healthy and filling. Behavior counseling is frequently combined with these products. These programs are meant to teach patients how to eat healthy and which food products should be cut out of their diet. This can help the patient maintain the good habits once the program has concluded. Some of programs used include:

  • New Direction
  • Advanced Health System
  • Health Management Resources

Initially, patients will work with a team of healthcare specials and patients can choose to participate in group and individual counseling to determine if emotional causes are connected to their overeating.

What Medications Are Available through a Weight Loss Management Program?

While we all want losing weight to be easier, hard work will always be required and there aren’t any short cuts to good health. Prescribed medications are designed to work in conjunction with diet and exercise and are usually reserved for those who are severely obese. The intended recipients are also those who tried diet and exercise alone and didn’t see any results. Food and Drug Administration approved medications include:

  • Adipex-P®
  • Belviq®
  • Qsymia®
  • Saxenda®
  • Suprenza®
  • Xenical®

The doctor will go over what to expect as results and possible side effects. Remember, lifestyle changes are a required in addition to medications.

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